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We've been helping young people get their first footsteps in the creative industries since 2010; from aspiring promoters, stage managers, graphic designers, photographers, videographers and many more. We've played an integral part in helping them shape their futures and helping bring their ideas to life. We've also helped hundreds of musicians with their first gigs, obtain high profile touring show support slots and getting on festival bills alongside developing them as artists; which as a direct result spawned the Forté Project!

Everything that the Young Promoters Network has ever done germinates from a single idea! It takes one #lightbulbmoment to be switch on inside your head and the possibilities can be endless!

It is with this that the Young Promoters Network has evolved into it's next phase Young Promoters Network 2.0, where by all the young people who've developed, honed & crafted their skills will help bring through a new generation of young creatives. We want to support more young people eager to get into music with their very own ‪#‎LightbulbMoment‬ to switch on those moments by creating them and supporting them..

So if you've ever wanted to put on an event, gain experience / opportunities to enhance your career or just want to put on some of your favourite bands! It doesn't matter if you no experience at all, we'll help you gain the confidence and skills needed to help make this all happen. If you're interested then get in touch with us today and switch on your #lightbulbmoment like all of us have!